Yash KGF 2 Movie Review

KGF-2 Movie Review 

We’re going to talk about KGF Chapter 2, written and directed by Prashant Neil, in which Yash plays a golden-hearted gangster named Rocky, but first, let’s revisit a diva story like the story of a little boy in the first episode. Bombay and became a gangster, then he goes to Karnataka, instead, he is sent to Karnataka, and he becomes even more famous, he becomes the Messiah of the people of a secret mining city called KGF, in which we meet many characters who have returned. In the film, we met Shetty Boy from Bombay, we met inaudibly from Dubai, we met the Prime Minister of India, a woman with no face, but he is still talking about being the most dangerous criminal in India, he says he is going to sign. 

He was sentenced to death and he unleashed the army against him, but the film started with a TV presenter starring Malvika Avinash and she listens to the KGF story of a senior journalist played by Anantnag. The framing device used in the film is only two minor changes. One is that the narrator is not Anantnag but Prakash Raj plays the son of Anand Snooks. She’s not as cynical now as she used to be, and she wants to get to the source of the rock story. Stifling between bustling events, every time you come back to the TV room you know that there is a wage investigation going on between Malawi Kabeeb Nash Naga Malawi Kavanagh and Prakash Raj. The story is very deep and dense it is very simple with a deep and dense storyline, it is very straightforward, but the story is deep and dense, so I will adjust. Coming back after this, in Chapter Two he says that what is on the rock, he is still adored by his people, he still cares for them, but he has some motive, he says that the mine for gold should continue day and night. Stop what he says, you wonder why there is an answer at the beginning and the end, a mother tells a son bedtime story to a son, another ending you get a powerful picture that is on the verge of myth, so watch this scene carefully first. In stage one, Bhuvan Koda gets a great action scene with brilliantly minimal brilliant set-pieces and dark tones, indicating that we are watching a dark sequence, both of which get a whistling style spice film. Appropriate Conversation and Exhibitions Exhibitions Exhibitions and Shows Two New Enemies Rocky Gets Two New Enemies One finally reveals his face played by Raveena Tandon, two Sanjay-starrer Vikings are as fantastic in this role that Sunday and his debut film seen on the Burning Bridge is epic One of the highlights is that in fact, every second of this movie is epic Yash is amazing epic and bigger than life verses epic Ravi Basu’s score epic and action epic, especially high-speed car.

Yash KGF 2 Movie Review

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Instead of turning black, we’ve chasing sharp cuts on the black screen, which creates a very bizarre kind of rhythm to the whole epic action scene, but that’s why I want some quiet intimate moments between Yash and Shini de Shetty to get their epic moment involving a helicopter, someone playing his love If there was no real idea of ​​big love being recorded, the second problem I had in that movie was the criminal brain. His revelation behind all these events is happening very hastily, but I have no complaints other than that, now we can talk about how deep and dense the story is.

 We get a stylized effect in Chapter 2, but Prasanth pushes himself as a screenwriter, and to the extent that every scene plays out, or instead he pushes his editor ul Kulkarni. He realizes the famous baptism of the Godfather’s first Prime Minister so we make her read one or two lines of the oath of allegiance correctly, I will do this, I will lose all this, and then abruptly cut off his screaming order to dismiss the Home Minister, and then suddenly we read the oath Truth and ceremony, so there is a sense of playing with time, seeing her in the present, minimizing her actions in the future, and then we return to the present because there is also a sense of playing with geography.

The two events of the swearing-in and the other things she will do in the future take place in different places, it happens again and again, we see the motion of no confidence being passed equally, then we shoot, then we return to this, then we return to it or take this extension of Rocky The wife has a nightmare and she starts to describe it and then we cut to a big action scene. The last line of this dream is described, as one of the most emotional moments of KGF2 with the opening and closing pictures we talked about earlier, so one of the things I wanted was to have more of us. I do not care about the emotional connection with the characters because it is a scene, the action, spice flavor, and accuracy of the cuts are fantastic, even if the story curve is familiar from a linear point of view. Looking back at the film, I told you to create events logically in a linear view, the density of the story and the density of the editing screenplay, all seem new and the new KGF Chapter 2 is huge. Progress ent is an epic period 2 which is its forerunner.

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