Vijay Beast Movie Review and Latest Movie Review

Vijay Beast Movie Review and Latest Movie Review 

I started Nelson’s Beast Vijay as a Raw Field Officer as a player and waited for the joke about the viral government instinct, but nothing came to mind, so I said let’s leave it at that for now, the first few minutes of this film show a lot of promise. Vijay’s intro scene is so wonderful, so wonderful action extension, so beautifully densely danced action extension, an unexpected death like the death of little boys and master. Now Vijay’s alcoholism is the cause of death Hero’s drinking is the cause of death here is a betrayal I thought it would change Vijay’s character forever, Because after this incident he starts going to a therapist, which means I’m a therapist, I was wondering if we’re going to see his soul or soul card-like Vijay movie in Daniel Greek’s Bond films, but five minutes later I slapped myself on all of this because of the therapist. He starts making tasteless jokes and then we get down to a North Indian wedding where Pooja Hegde makes a kind of pass to Vijay and then they both start in Arabic.

Then the mood established by the opening extension is completely gone now, I know the beast will not be a 100 type movie, because you can not create a 100 type drama, especially in our main cinema with our biggest star hero, here is the whole type of action-adventure and sub-genre hostage drama movie I do not expect the total nail-biting thrill because I know they will dilute that genre with a lot of comedy and a lot of slow-mo hero worship, but what I did not expect is that the rest of the film is very flat and generous with other actors including Yogi Babu Ret’s Pooja Hegde and the bad Shine Tom Sago. I did not expect that there would be full interest in exploring Vijay’s shock when he saw how dramatically the rest of the film could have given a kick between action scenes, show other action At the beginning of that opening extension where the Cs are so low, there is a super cool kick-ass moment in that action scene where Vijay walks on the wall while killing his opponent, but above all, I did not expect the Nelson movie to be so tasty now he admitted. Cochlear and Doctor have produced only two films in the column, but those films have a unique vision, they have such uniqueness and they have wonderful dark humor, the comedy here is like watching Yogi Babu from the bottom up. And most of the comedy was given to the character played by VTV Ganesh who noticed that he was not wearing any underwear, and he starts to crush our nerves from the beginning and he continues to do this. 

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Vijay Beast Movie Review and Latest Movie Review

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The biggest laugh I got at the end of the film came from outside the film. There is a scene at the beginning of that opening extension, which is the fifth or sixth time I mention that opening extension because it’s the only good part of the film anyway, Vijay is referring to an extremist which means he is talking to an extremist in Hindi, after a while he stops speaking in Hindi, Paneer says a lot about translating comedy, which means those are not perfect lines. I laugh because you know how strange it is that current controversies about Hindi, Dunworth and other languages ​​sometimes reflect our present society. Why keep repeating tired old characters like corrupt politicians or Sikh children or Muslim terrorists, but a good touch is that there are bad Muslims anyway A good Muslim in a government character and server Raghavan gives only one good performance in the film as a government official after a while He gets orders from far fewer smarts than him. 

The film starts to show, and we see Anirudh trying to elevate the scenes with the score, but the fact that it can only be done brutally by a music director is proof that a truly talented director needs a good script to make a great start. It’s not a big deal that a film does not work, all the directors have got their worst moments not working, but what’s frustrating and brutal is that the lack of effort plays out as many scenes are not even scripted.

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