Tamil Cinema Latest News 2022 and Vijay Ajith Latest Update

Tamil Cinema Latest News 2022 and Vijay Ajith Latest Update

A good news for Simbu fans
The conference film is set to be released in China. Already movies like 2.0 and Kana have been translated into Chinese and released there. Both films were well received. The recently released movie Kana has been very well received there. It was reported that many families and children came to the theaters to watch the movie Kana. However it would take six months for the conference film to be released there. This is because the producer of this film, Suresh Kamatchi, has signed a contract with a Hong Kong company. It has therefore been officially announced that the action and activities will be completed and the conference film will be released in Chinese.

Arya in Kamal production
It has been reported that a film produced by Kamal starring Arya in the screenplay by director Muthiah will be released. It has been reported that Arya had directly asked Kamal for a salary of Rs 15 crore after the film Charbatta and he has agreed to it.

Attlee is upset
Aadli has completed a film in Hindi. Attlee is very upset as many media outlets are spreading rumors that there is a huge problem with the release of this film. Because this movie is 90 percent complete and will be coming to the screen soon. Attlee is very upset because such news keeps coming.

Sivakarthikeyan who reserved Samantha
It is said in the cinema circles that Samantha is going to act in Sivakarthikeyan’s new movie and that Sivakarthikeyan had contacted Samantha directly and Samantha agreed to it.

Problem in Viruman movie
A new problem has arisen for the Viruman film. Assistant Director Durai has complained to the Writers’ Union that the story of the film is his own. It is noteworthy that he has already complained that the story of Muthiah’s Komban film is his own.

About Kamal Haasan’s Vikram movie
Actor Karthika has asked Lokesh Kanagaraj to play the lead role in the Vikram movie directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Karthi Viruman has said that it is not possible because he is starring in the film. Kamal is in talks with him to cast Hindi actor Amitabh Bachchan in the role.

Simbu – Love by Nithi Agarwal
Simbu Nithi Agarwal Love We already know. Nithi Agarwal has stepped forward and asked his manager to take care of all the callsheets made to Simbu.

Tamil Cinema Latest News 2022 and Vijay Ajith Latest Update

Ajith – Vijay meeting
Ajith and Vijay have a meeting in the second lockdown. It is noteworthy that none of the family relatives and helpers were included.

Ajith – 63
It has been reported that a film starring Ajith and directed by Siva is to be produced by SUN PICTURES.

Kuttraparambarai Movie
The crime movie is set to release on OTT. The film stars Sasikumar and Sathyaraj in the lead roles.

Actors’ Union election Vishal’s Pandava team has now won all the seats. Two serial actors have won. It is noteworthy that the Vishal team won again.

Ari – Nicki Minaj Engagement
Ari and Nikki Kalrani, who made their debut in the beast film, were recently engaged. They did not invite anyone from the Tamil film industry for this engagement.

Valimai – 200 crore collection
Bonnie Kapoor, the producer of the movie Vali, has posted an official statement on her Twitter page that Vali has grossed Rs 200 crore.

Beast – Trailer
The movie company has announced that the trailer of the movie Beast, produced by Sun Pictures and directed by Nelson, and starring Vijay, will be released on April 2.

Ponni’s Selvan movie
It is a well-known fact that Mani Ratnam is directing Ponni’s Selvan movie. The film is being prepared in two parts. There are a total of 20 songs in these two parts. The rate of ten songs per film is 20 songs in 2 films. The music director of the film is A. R. Rahman.

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