Etharkkum Thunindhavan Movie Review – New Movie Review

Etharkkum Thunindhavan Movie Review – New Movie Review


Movie Name :

Etharkkum Thunindhavan 

Cast and Crew : 
  • Actors : Suriya , Sathya Raj , Soori, Vinay, Pugazh
  • Actress: Priyanka Mohan, Saranya.
  • Music Director: D. Imman
  • Director: Pandi Raj
  • Producer: SUN PICTURES

Etharkkum Thunindhavan Movie Review - New Movie Review

Review : 

Consider Pandi Raj’s films, their own type they are great. Families and rural traditions and a little bit of action and a little bit of humor and a little family sentiment type. But the film starring dynamic Surya Bandiraj in another cum tuning takes a little u-turn in a way that still has a rural feel to it. Average Comedy Scenes You have traditions with remarkably staged action scenes. So far so common, so you can keep looking at your smartphone and not miss a beat, but the U-Turn I spoke of comes in a scene that includes Surya’s family. Now Sathyaraj plays the father, Saranya the mother, and the dead sister. Who can remind people of the character of Karna. Now I try not to spoil the scene for you. But usually in a mass scene with a great hero you rarely see the hero or the heroine’s family suffer. You know mom can die or dad you can die, you know something like that can happen, but here the hero’s family suffers, but the film talks about the honor or dignity of it, made up of women like sex videos. It happened in Polachi, Surya’s job is to easily catch the bad guys, but what if he can not do so. These scenes amazed me the most, especially with regard to his own family, especially after he became a self-appointed lawyer and vigilant judge. There is little mass. There are a lot of spices, scenes like this surprised me because it is important not to criticize women. It is important not to be embarrassed as this part reminded me of Jayakanthan’s Cylinder Cullen Festival because someone in your family is spoiled. Now there is a female line representing the men who make these videos. She told me that my body is half as short as your twisted mind. When the victim makes a videotape of herself and sends it back to the men who did it to her. I wanted to blow the whistle, it was a big mass moment and you could easily have asked Bandiraj to tell the film to happen if you could still call the film Surya, not just talk and walk, too. Some other families are not my own family. So my heroism remains the same to maintain my masculinity. But it would not have driven that point so strongly, nor would it have taken home the point in a screenplay. It is always good that the hero falls and rises, that is what makes him human, not just a lecturing machine, it is a screenplay. You could say that in our big films involving big stars we rarely follow that the hero is usually the most powerful. He’s very invincible, there’s zero suspense about his character, but in films like Master Maneuver and now Battle Tonight. Even in the Sura reporters, there was a scene in which Surya spoke of how to fail and succeed in personal life, perhaps only in his own eyes, degrading the hero. The hero’s own eyes. When he happened to ask his wife for money. So again before he falls he will fall before his eyes. What I said was very general, it was big, colorful, there were some laughs, I had a little problem here, even though it was an adult thing we continue to feel, we all watch a family entertainment movie. Beautiful family scenes, QT love scenes age. They go on and on, scenes of abused women or persons involved in this violet movement, inserted in between with some quick cuts like an emergency movie, and then we quickly return to another qt love scene or another qt family scene so these Intermediate views. 

What is the score of the film? They are not important in the first half, we have to wait until the second half until we start to treat this matter with a little dignity, here’s another screenwriting thing, the fact that I liked. In the beginning, we see people dying as a crowd, God you think this is the end, they are spoiling the end for us, but in the end, a kind of twist is waiting, I liked looking back at the beginning. Man, this last stretch goes on and on and you know many people have already said this in the movie, but we know you are a real lecture machine.

Because people are now putting forward the same idea over and over again. If you shorten this extension or if you pick up a song or you’re fighting, we’re got a very short and very effective movie, but the biggest problem with this film is that the villain wins the ride he appears to be one of the richest you know, i.e. he plays the piano kind of villain in this rural setting Feels so different, I think they are going to show you to someone. With all this you know, you know wealth and everything else. But nothing around him except Seth seems to be rich, so I think the film would have worked better if the villains had been some young people, just like the other acting mischievous young people. Sathyaraj does nothing Priyanka is bland, starring in ten thousand versions of Serena, a loving mother who asks things like ucha-new to Surya. If you are going to use sharing, we should see this beautiful appeal to prospective directors. Being a talented actor as a mom, you know why not make him a serial killer, think about it, when the hero Uzza cleans up and comes out of the bathroom, she has this knife with a sharp neural knife or machine gun. Killed this person, I mean the only thing I thought was, the screenplay has a Kamal Haasan-like feel to it, but has been made into a mass film like Mahanadi or Satya,

I’m not just talking about the plot or the specific things but the general feel of the film, of course, it’s not as subtle or difficult or subtle as those movies. But, if you have any feelings about that field let me know in the comments, I present those general movies because they are textbook examples of how to deal with these issues in a movie. They focus on the problem as family entertainment, and before and after the hero it’s not like he’s singing and dancing and fighting around it, but I think we live in a country. Now is a different era and if you get movies like that. Today someone in the audience will say Rumba Lagarika or something like that, so Pandita’s feelings are a little higher than average considering the problem anyway. I would say based on the visibility of movies of this genre, I wish it had not been so common at times, but there are some touches that I also mentioned.

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